Our Mission and Vision

Unifying Our Local Worship Writers under One Mission

Develop, equip and multiply God-honoring worshipers & songwriters in NH who create homegrown worship music for the local church.

To see a vibrant and growing community of innovative and creative, Spirit-led worship artisans united by love, trust, and purpose, living a life of worship to God, serving His greater church, and contributing to evangelistic expression of worship together as one in Jesus’ name.

  • Gather a group of talented and passionate worship songwriters to consistently craft, create, record, and disseminate invigorating worship songs on a regular basis.
  • Inspire and guide individuals in heartfelt worship at events, fostering a sense of communal involvement and participation.
  • Teach what God’s Word says about worship and the scriptures that the songs are based on
  • Resource the local church with songs, training, materials and connections
  • Extend invitations to new songwriters and support them in bringing their songs to life
  • Protect intellectual property and ownership while encouraging creative expression and collaboration (the “603 Worship” version)
  • Package system for local songwriting groups to follow and replicate
  • Participate in equipping-type events and pursue personal growth through the study of new material
  • Host our own equipping events and workshops
  • Maintain a shared directory of 603 Worship people with their credentials, availability and contact information
  • Theological Soundness – Let the word of God inform our worship
  • Personal Devotion and Sanctification – Conforming to the image of Jesus Christ, walking together in faith, sharpening one another and building each other up
  • Spiritual Yieldedness – Living life by the Holy Spirit, not our own strength, for kingdom purposes
  • Corporate Participation – Empowering people to sing instead of singing empowered to people
  • Honest Evaluation and Refinement – Welcome feedback and trust others to improve our work
  • Personal and Corporate Development – Always improving, never arriving
  • Gracious Dialogue In Disagreements – Patient listeners and confident speakers who depend on God as the author of all truth and recognize their own shortcomings
  • Replication – Invite others to stand on the platform that we built and teach them to do the same
  • Accessibility – Prioritize extraordinary worship expressions that the ordinary person can sing
  • Local – Raise up NH people to produce NH products
  • Relationships – Love God, Love others, show grace, mercy and forgiveness – people matter!
  • Professionalism – Push for excellence, trust, accountability, preparedness, organization, communication, follow-through
  • Innovation – Keep trying new things!
  • Collaboration – Work with me, people!
  • Humility – Check ego at door, seek the best for others, admit mistakes and make things right
  • Shared language and standards – Everybody on the same page!
  • Healthy Margins – Make space for work, rest, family, friends and the unexpected.